About Us:

Courtney Wachtel first discovered her hypnotic songwriting style at 17 in her hometown of Prescott, Arizona. Having always been drawn to the confessional songwriting styles of Sarah McLachlan and Fiona Apple, she dove in - bearing her soul in the melodic lyrics that so perfectly compliment her idyllic voice. She jokingly describes her songwriting style as ‘Half Emo’. “Songwriting has always been a tool for my own personal therapy. It’s based on my own reality and reflects me where I was at that moment in the world.” Her first shows were performed at coffee houses and bars in Flagstaff, Arizona, while she was in college at Northern Arizona University. “Being on stage the first time was terrifying, but I knew I wanted to do it. The fear of rejection is sometimes overwhelming. Even today - I don’t want to put on a front or bullsh!t people. What matters to me is that I’m real. If I don’t feel like I have anything to say I shut up. Fear and doubt and all.” Now based in Santa Cruz, California, this philosophy is palpable in her live performances. Whether performing solo or with her band, Pieces, audiences are intimately absorbed in the honesty of her performance and the truth of a pure musical performance.

Pieces is the project of singer/songwriter Courtney Wachtel, whom really began to practice her craft while living in San Francisco from 2006 until she moved to Santa Cruz in 2014.